Buy the Best Air Coolers in India This Summer to Stay Comfortable and Relaxed  

The climatic conditions and weather of any region is an unavoidable reality. With the best Air Coolers in India, you can significantly minimize the internal room temperatures as per your convenience so that you can rest, live or work with utmost comfort. The best quality and branded Air Coolers in India work as welcoming relief during soaring temperatures of summers. The market offers you with plentiful of choices when it comes to purchasing the best Air Coolers. Plus, there are many variations in prices, but you can easily grab the best price and deals by comparing Bajaj, USHA, Symphony Crompton and Maharaja air cooler price list online.  

Without any further discussion, let us look at the primary factors that you need to consider when buying the best Air Coolers in India with exciting deals and offers. 

Air Delivery or Air Throw Capacity 

The cooler’s air delivery capacity is an important factor to keep in mind, which will directly affect the cooling in the room. Buying the underpowered coolers is worthless because it will fail in cooling the entire room efficiently. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy overpowered coolers that consume lots of energy and cause lots of noise. So, to find the ideal Air Coolers for your room, you have to check the cooler’s air delivery capacity based on the room size. The air delivery is calculated in CFM or Cubic Meter Per Hour. 

You need to check the CFM rate of the cooler and compare it with your room size. You need to invest in the air cooler that is efficient for the size of the room you have. Always prefer buying the coolers that come with two times the minimum air delivery rate. Air Coolers with large fans usually come with a large cooling pad, which affects the cooler’s cooling capacity directly. 

Capacity of Water Tank

The capacity of the water tank is another factor to consider when buying Air Coolers in India. There are two types of coolers – personal coolers and desert coolers, where the water tank capacity of desert cooler is more than personal or room coolers. The coolers with low capacity water tanks need to be refilled frequently after 4-5 hours of operations. For larger rooms and maximum cooling effects, you must buy desert coolers with a water tank capacity of 40-60 litres. 

Cooling Pads

The cooling pads in the coolers play a pivotal role in cooling efficiency. It tends to absorb the hot air from outside and cools it down before delivering it to the room. There are two types of cooling pads – Honeycomb and Aspen Pads. The Aspen Cooling Pads are the oldest types of pads made out of wood shavings, while honeycomb pads are designed with cellulose materials. Both the padding technology is efficient in cooling, but aspen pads tend to get damaged quickly and need frequent replacement. Honeycomb pads are a durable and expensive alternative.

Humidity Control

Air Coolers in India are highly used in areas that have dry and hot weather conditions. But, if you reside in high humid areas, then you must buy Air Coolers that come with humid control features. The humid control function in coolers works by controlling the water pump functions, and this ensures that the humidity level in the room never reaches the uncomfortable level. 

Safety Features

The most common reason why most of the coolers break down is because of the dry functioning of the water motor or overheating of the fan motor. So, to avoid such issues, you must look at the cooler’s safety features and ensure that it comes with protection against thermal overload and dry running. 

Service Quality and Pricing

As mentioned, there are several brands of Air Coolers in India. It is suggested to invest in the brand that has proven record for offering higher quality models and services. Avoid buying the cheaper models and brands and stick with brands like Havells, USHA, Bajaj, and Maharaja Air Coolers. By comparing USHA, HAvells, Maharaja and Crompton air cooler price list, you can easily grab the cheaper deals and best pricing. 

So, stay cool and comfortable this summer with the best Air Coolers in India. 



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