How a Beginner gets Writing Confidence( 100% Personal Experience)

How a Beginner gets Writing Confidence( 100% Personal Experience)

how i gain confidence in Writing skills

How I Improve My Writing (Beginner) Skills in Lockdown Period

How a Beginner gets Writing Confidence when I have no experience where to start with? Well, we all feel difficulty in starting a blog I also feel it, in my starting blog so, the question many reading asks how did I start and improve my skills, As you can see that I already answer the question by mentioning the word “start” so let me tell you, ‘How my journey of writing Begins’

It all started in a period of lockdown in India held, which stops my all activities of the daily routine. I became free from all the daily activities in my past routine. I enjoyed it a lot in the initial period of lockdown. But by the expansion of the lockdown period. My insecurities of having ‘NO Job’ mean ‘NO Money’ start increasing day by day which pushes me a lot to find a way to earn.

My First Writing Platform

So those days I got an inspired by an Instagram marketing. I used to be heard, that it is a massive source to earn money if you promote someone on Instagram but for that, you need to have a great number of followers almost 10k starting so I feel it would take a great amount of time of acquiring as genuine followers. So I was in the search of alternate work, which can give me a quick income.

My Work Selection

After understanding the need of the people I realize, people have great photography skills. But they are unable to express them in words that decrease the impact of the post on their audience (Future Customer). I found it to be a great opportunity to earn money. I got paid for valuable writing efforts and also help me gaining writing confidence at the beginner level.

My Price Selection

When you are new in any field you don’t any experience then it would be difficult for me to define the charges which your customer should opt-in once.

So I decided to charge 1k for 30 posts in the starting stage and after gaining a certain No. of a client, I raised my charging policy. It all becomes possible because I have started pitching to the business owners who can opt for my services.

Some Instagram Helpful tips

At the starting of Instagram writing, I noticed a lot of influencers who say that commenting on a post can give you great exposure.

I start commenting on the influencers post before commenting, I use some tips. First of all, read that post carefully give your own point of view however I starting times. I can’t have my own views on it. So I start reading other’s comments also. What they have commented on it. I try to give a similar point of view but my words selection are different. It doesn’t seem,  I have copied someone else. It also helps a lot in gaining writing experience on “how to express your thought with your writing experience“.

As being in the digital marketing field it is essential to have a writing skill. So it is also one of my biggest reason to start writing. However, I am happy with I made myself overcoming the misconception that I can’t write. However, now I can proudly say everything is possible with practice and consistency


I think by reading this blog you have got you an idea of “How you can also improve your writing skills as well as earn a decent amount”. People make the biggest mistake that they start with big Work and hence get end-up quickly. I personally feel that the selection of the right goal will always give you a positive motivation when you complete your task for the first time.


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